Introduction to programming for life scientists

International Semester, Frontiers of Life Science Bachelor Program
Spring  2016

The main goal of the course is for students to understand when and how computer programming can and should be used in scientific research. While the primary language we will use is MatLab, the skills covered in this course will be transferrable to other programming languages. Thus, the most important aspects of this class are in the logic and ability to understand how to “talk” to the computer, rather than to master a specific language’s syntax. We will use a combination of presentations, hands-on activities, and projects throughout the course, but the primary focus will be on student’s learning by doing.



Lesson Plans

All lesson plans and support materials are avaiable at the links below. I keep the lesson plans in Google Docs so I can modify them as needed, the links below are view only to the live Google Docs.

Introduction to the course
Matlab interface
Combining loops and logic
Data input
Basic plotting
Code structuring
ODE Solvers

Projects and assignments

Data processing exercises
Bioinformatics project
Evolution modeling project
Whole cell modeling project